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A truly Sri Lankan end to end market Place to Buy and Sell with Confidence.


    • You want to buy milk, dhal, bread or vegetables.
    • You want to buy clothes or shoes.
    • You want to buy school supplies.
    • You are looking for a tuition teacher for your child.
    • You are looking for a tailor for a special dress.
    • You want to lease or buy a house
    • You need to find a reliable restaurant

    At Lankawe we do all possible to screen the sellers so that you can buy with confidence.

    • You buy while staying home, therefore you don’t get exposed to the virus.
    • You don’t wait for a taxi to pick you up or for a bus to come, goods delivered to your home.
    • At a time when cash can carry the virus, you simply use the credit card to buy.
    • Cash is scarce, pay with credit card and conserve cash for others.
    • You get to place orders for future dates or to set recurring orders saving time.
    • You get to see what items have discounts, and order more of that if you need to stock up. No need to go to the store and see what has discounts.
    • You know when the order is ready to be delivered to you from SMS messages from the seller.
    • You get to choose sellers based on other customer ratings, giving you confidence of the seller.

    • You can ask the shop to prepare your list, you go there and pay.
    • You can ask to deliver home and you pay.
    • You pay by credit card if you don’t want to deal with cash.

    • A farmer – may be you want to sell 2 bottles of milk a day or few eggs. Each farmer becomes a digital seller who will have the same opportunity as any other store.
    • A home restaurant – You may want to sell 5 packets of lunch a day.
    • Delivery person – You may have time from 5 – 7 PM daily to deliver any kind of good that can be delivered in a three wheeler which you own.
    • A carpenter – you want to sell your services as a carpenter and you prefer to offer service in Gampaha area only.
    • Land sale person – you have some properties to sell or lease.
    • Large corporation – you want to reach a market that is ready to buy online, and gives your organization a lead on the competition.

    Whatever you want to sell, Lankawe is the place to sell with confidence.

    • Even a farmer or a painter or a tailor now can get paid by our built in credit card payment system
    • We offer built in SMS platform so that you can send SMS to your customers for any messages to be delivered on orders
    • We offer a built in inventory system so that you can keep track of your stocks
    • You can get reports to understand how your business is doing or if anyone is cheating at your store
    • You go online within hours of registering. It is simple as that

    • You can put pictures of what you got.
    • You can record a voice clip and add a small video.
    • Put a price for it and the volume.
    • Publish on the platform, it is as easy as 1,2,3

    You are technical or non-technical, we make it so simple for you to list your goods or services.

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